‘A Star Is Born’ by Bradley Cooper: interview with actress Rebecca Field

Cinema / Interview - 24 October 2018 10:00

Rebecca Field worked also in the tv series “The Client List”.

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A Star Is Born is Bradley Cooper's movie with Lady Gaga. Rebecca Field is an actress of the movie. She worked also in the television series The Client List.

Q. In the movie A Star Is Born you play Gail. Can you tell us about your character?  

A. Gail is Jackson Maine's (Bradley Cooper) assistant. She is the one who takes care of all of the details to make his life easy.  She handles things so he doesn't have to.

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Movie A Star Is Born

Q. The film is really enjoying the public. In your opinion, why?  

A. I think it's shot in such a way that it's just very gritty and real.  It's honest and I think people can really feel that.  It's a love story at it's heart and I think people always love a good love story. Even a complicated one.

Q. What was the atmosphere on the set with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga?  

A. It was lovely.  I mean it's work and there is a lot to get done, especially with them doing their music live, but it was great!  Everyone was so nice and kind!

Q. You worked on television series The Client List, with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Your role was Lacey, a strong and determined woman. Can you tell us about this experience? 

A. Yes, it was such a fun show to do, I loved playing Lacey, she was fiesty and a great friend, loyal, loving, funny!  I had an amazing time with everyone, Jennifer, Cybil, Greg, Brian, Colin. They are a great group.  I am not sure why lifetime chose not to renew it.  

Q. Why was it not renewed?  

A. I think Jennifer was having a baby and unfortunately the timing didn't work out.  It was sad for sure.

Q. You  also work in Shameless. Do you like more the comedy or the drama genre?  

A. I love both.  I haven't gotten to do as much comedy as I would like, but I welcome any opportunities.

Q. What is your favorite book and why?  

A. I really loved "The Help". It was a long time ago now but I just loved it.  I love stories of people overcoming adversity and situations that brings people of different background together to realize we are all one.  Just humans and we need each other.  

Q. Have you ever been to Italy? 

A. I have not sadly.  It's literally at the top of my list of places i want to go.  So hopefully i hit it big soon and the first thing i will do is buy a plane ticket there!  

Q. Do you have hobbies?  

A. I love being outdoors, I just went to the sequoia forest here, so beautiful!  I like to paint, i like to knit.  I like anything where i learn some new skill or have a new experience.  

Q. What is your next project?  

A. I just finished up 5 episodes of Shameless, i will be on an episode of a new Netflix show called Unbelievable, and an episode of ABC Station 19.

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