The Bold and the Beautiful, interview with actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Tv / Interview - 15 July 2019 07:30

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is Steffy Forrester in CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is one of the leading actresses in the  soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, as Steffy Forrester.

Q. Steffy’s character is bold and strong-willed. Is there any affinity with your character?   

A. Steffy is definitely Bold and strong willed.  I love her vitality and loyalty to family which is very important in my personal life.  

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Q. You have just become a mother. What is the most unexpected aspect of this experience? 

A. Since I am a first time mother I had only heard about the sleepless nights!   What surprises me is how can function on so little sleep.  How did you manage the pregnancy on the set?  The Director was really good at hiding my growing tummy.  Steffy folded a lot of laundry, hid behind beautiful vases of flowers and briefcases.  Somehow we seemed to make it work.  

Q. I read that your father took you to school with Harley Davinson: is it true? 

A. Yes my dad drove me to school many times on his Harley motorcycle it was pretty cool.  I am so fortunate to have such loving, very supportive family!  

Q. You got married in Italy. Which places have you visited in Italy?

A. To name a few Rome, Puglia, Milan, Lake Como, All of Amalfi coast, Naples, Venice, Sardinia, Forte dei Marmi etc! I love Italy so much. My husband’s (Elan Ruspoli) paternal side is originally from Italy.  

Q. Will there be any news in the story between Liam and Hope and Steffy? 

A. There sure will be, expect it, trouble all the way! 

Q. Which actor do you get along with?

A. I get along great with all of the cast of Beautiful.  

Q. Do you practice any sport?

A. My new fave sport is boxing. A superb workout for a new mom!  

Q. What is your ideal vacation? 

A. Beach time. It soothes me yet makes me feel invigorated.  

Q. I read that you like pets. Do you have any pets at home? 

A. I love pets. I have a wonderful dog. Her name is Jam’ai. I adopted her from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles.  Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God I found her!  

Q. You are also disc jockey and singer. Do you have new music projects?

A. No, I am so focused on my son, Rise, and relearning my nursery rhymes.  Also back to work at Beautiful... Life is Good!  

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