Your recent novel is Deadly Fate. Can you tell us about the plot?

Deadly Fate begins with the murder of a psychic in a graveyard. Kim wonders if the murder is personal until more victims start to appear. In addition, one of Kim’s most trusted team members tries to fend off some unwanted attention when a routine interview goes horribly wrong.

In the book, the relationship with death emerges, because the victim was having séances. Why did you choose this gloomy topic?

I chose the topic as I became quite intrigued about the power that psychics have over their customers and how much people rely on them for guidance. I also wanted to examine the tricks used by frauds to reel in their victims. I also wanted to challenge Kim’s beliefs in anything supernatural while also offering a balanced view for believers/non-believers.

Detective Kim Stone relies a lot on instinct. Are you the same way?

This is a great question and I think to some extent I do trust instinct. I always view the gut reaction as being a compromise between the reaction of the head and the reaction of the heart. I think the more I write about Kim Stone the more I trust my own gut reaction in certain circumstances.

What is the book in the series that you are most fond of?

I am most fond of the third book in the series which has the English title of Lost Girls. This is the book that translated to the page exactly how it was pictured in my head. It is, to date, my longest book as I did not want to stop writing it. The result of the book was everything I hoped it would be.

Is it true that for years you tried to publish the first book? 

It is true that I was rejected by publishers for 25 years.

What would you recommend to a young writer?

To a young writer I would recommend that they never, ever give up. I was tempted many times to stop submitting my work to publishers. I would always have continued to write in private because it is part of who I am but I was lucky enough to have a partner who always believed in me and would always encourage my to try again. Young writers should never give up trying to achieve their dream but it is always important to remember why they started writing in the beginning and to ensure that they never fall out of love with words and storytelling.

What is the last book you read that impressed you?

The last book that impressed me was The Housemaid by Freida McFadden. I picked up the book and couldn’t put it down until I had devoured every word.

Have you ever been to Italy? 

I was lucky enough to visit Italy many years ago for a holiday and fell in love with the whole country. I visited Venice, Rome, San Marino and found that in every corner of Italy that I saw there was that same zest and passion for life and the Italian people have a very special place in my heart.

What is your next project? 

I am currently putting the finishing touches to book 19 in the series which will be published in the UK in November. Once I’ve finished that I’ll be starting to research my ideas for book 20. Because I write 2 books every year there is not much time for sitting idle before starting on the next adventure for Kim Stone and her team.