Tv series 'Profilage', interview with actress Nathalie Blanc

Tv / Interview - 30 May 2019 16:59

Nathalie Blanc is actress of 'Cherif' and 'Profilage'

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Nathalie Blanc is actress of Tv series Cherif, Profilage and Spiral

Q. You worked on the tv series “Profilage”, as Diane Baranski. Please can you tell us about this role?

A. Diane Baranski was an interesting character, because we all knew from the beginning that she was involved with the worst enemy of Adele Delettre. I like the idea of hiding the true identity of a character for a whole season and at last revealing everything in the last episodes in an explosive final. During the shoot, I disguise what can not be seen at first, but this could satisfy some fans watching the season for the second time.
These engaged spectators could then say, “ but of course I must have seen that she was the danger!”

Q. On the set what was the working relationship with the other actors, and the director? 

A. The pace of filming was very strong, so it does not leave much room for entertainment for the entire team.
We were all very focused, especially in the last episodes since there were some challenging stunts and our lead actress was pregnant. Even when playing a monster who is shooting everyone you are obviously always aware of the condition or fragility of your partners. Every move, each shot, and every safe distance is practiced and checked several times.
I like this kind of precision in action scenes.

Q. The tv series is crime. Do you love this genre? What is your favorite tv series and why?

A.  I really like the crime genre, but I must admit that I have a soft spot for fantasy and science- fiction. I would particularly like France to look a little more at these genres.
My favorite crime series is “ True Detective”, probably because it is tinted with fantasy. Otherwise, the world of series production is so substantial that I do not have only one favorite series.
Recently I devoured the first 2 seasons of “the leftovers” and the first season of “big little lies”. In all these productions, they know how to marry clever script writing, talented actors, incredible photography, and intelligent rhythm due to a meticulous editing in post-production.
The quality of a series depends on the collaboration of a multitude of talented people.
The talent of the producer is therefore essential because they are the only one who will choose and bring together all these people towards the same finish line.

Q. The series is in the ninth season. In your opinion, what is the reason for the success?

A. I do not think we can know at the beginning of a shoot how the series will be received by the audience. It is always a bet for any production. They rely on a scenario, on an actor, particularly in the crime genre, which is difficult to renew. In this case Beaubourg, production was right in its casting of Odile Villemin. This talented actress brought to her character particularities and traits of personality that were not written. These nuances brought by the actress have created a real attachment by the spectators. And the transition with Juliette Roudet occured smoothly and with an intelligent realization. Obviously without forgetting the irresistible charm of Philippe Bas! 

Q. in tv serie “Spiral” your role is Christine Fromentin. The plot is about criminal investigations in Paris from all the different points of view of a criminal investigation. How was this experience?

A. "Spiral" is in fact my favorite French series. And I'm really proud to have participated. This is the perfect example of great team work. First of all among the authors, who leave nothing to chance. Each legal detail is documented and verified. Intrigues are rich, and performed and played with intelligence. It was therefore a real pleasure to be able to work in such an environment, as well as being surrounded by such competence in all areas.

Q. How is the situation in the cinema and tv series, in France?

A.  I see French television and cinema taking a good risk, especially with series like "the office of legends", "irresponsible" or the film "Grave" by Julia Ducournau.
This new thrust of creativity is of course exciting for the spectator that I am but also very inspiring for the actress in me.

Q. What is your next project? 

A. My next project is to shoot in season 6 of Cherif, a crime series of FranceTv, produced by Making Prod. I was a member of the cast of season 3, as a character "disguised" there too. The audience discovered at the end of season 3 that my character Christelle Laurent was in fact an unbalanced, psychologically sick and dangerous woman. Soon the production envisaged a smashing return of this character in the following seasons. And that's it, here we are. During the last episode of season 5 Christelle Laurent has escaped from a psychiatric hospital, which promises a lot of twists in season 6. I love working with Making prod and the whole Cherif team, because they are very invested and passionate about what they do. I think we will have a lot of fun on the set this year too.

Q. Have you ever been in Italy?

A. And yes, I already went to Italy. Rome remains one of my favorite cities! I also have friends in Milan, whom I visit regularly. This attachment to the city satisfies my lifelong passion for Italian food!

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