Behind The Scenes: The Ins and Outs of Film Production

Behind The Scenes: The Ins and Outs of Film Production

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Original Title: What Goes Into The Film Production Process

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Behind The Scenes: The Ins and Outs of Film Production
06-06-2020 07:15

The film production process is a detailed one, and one that will probably come back a bit altered after COVID-19. Here's how things are currently done.

Thousands of films are produced around the world each year.

Whether you're talking about the latest blockbuster or an independent arthouse film, the process of bringing a film from start to finish is broadly the same.

The film production process may vary depending on scope, location, and budget, but the key steps do not change.

Read on as we look a little closer at the film production process, and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on it.


The first part of film production must take place before a camera is ever switched on. Development is the stage at which ideas take shape, scripts are written, and budgets are discussed.

While this might not be what people picture when they think of filmmaking, it can often be the longest part of the whole process. Development can take years for many films.


Once development is over and done with, it's time to get everything set up for production.

Pre-production involves setting up a production studio, getting all the relevant equipment, and assembling a production team. The director and producers are typically in charge here, but many subordinate directors will take charge of different aspects of the process.

Perhaps the most important part of pre-production is casting. A film is only as good as the people playing the roles!


This is the most important part of movie production. Production is the stage at which scenes are filmed and audio is recorded.

How long this takes depends largely on the film's budget and scope. For longer films, or those that take place on a number of locations, it can take many months.

This is also the part of the filmmaking process that has suffered the most serious setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Movement restrictions mean that production crews are unable to travel to different locations, and social distancing requirements make the filming of many scenes impossible.

Unfortunately, these issues mean that many films scheduled for release in 2020 and 2021 will suffer serious delays.


Once filming is complete, the studio begins post-production. This involves the coupling of audio and visual elements, editing, and the addition of any special effects.

Film production companies can do a lot of post-production work remotely nowadays, meaning that the pandemic has not brought this process to a complete halt.


Once the finishing touches are put on a film, it's time to send it to viewers. Films may be distributed through cinemas, on television, online, or through DVD, although the latter is becoming less and less common. 

The Film Production Process in the COVID-19 Era

While much has changed in terms of filmmaking due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the core film production process remains the same. We may experience a slowdown in the market to some extent, but as long as film fans keep supporting quality productions, the movie industry will return bigger and better than ever.

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